Developing our expertise since 1942

We are a family business, founded in 1942 as a forge shop specializing in the production of small press-forgings. Since the sixties we have been specialized in the production of hot rolled rings and have been consistently improving our processes over that time thanks to the adoption of the latest technology at all of our plants.  This includes our heat treatment operation that launched in 2002. This enables us today, after three generations, to offer consistent quality and flexibility of our products.

Our headquarters is located in Solbiate Arno. The addition of two additional facilities has occurred in recent years. In 2000, our plant in Morazzone for the heat treatment was opened, and in 2011, our steel warehouse and cutting center opened in Solbiate Arno. In 2012, the third furnace in our plant in Morazzone was brought on line, and in 2023, the  eleventh rolling line in Solbiate Arno was brought into production.  This line was designed by Molla Srl.  Ring roller and various other components were built internally as is the tradition.