Heat treatment department

Three continuous furnaces, three kinds of heat treatment. Three automated vertical turning centers

Located in Morazzone (6 km from our main facility in Solbiate Arno) our heat treatment department is equipped with three continuous furnaces with controlled atmosphere. The facility has 27,000 square meters (290,000 sq.ft.) under roof. Normalizing, isothermal annealing and hardening & tempering in oil are the three heat treatment processes that are executed on a daily basis. The integration of the heat treatment in our production process first took place in 2002 and has enabled us to offer a more complete and comprehensive service, guaranteeing a high quality level on a consistent basis and with more flexibility.

The turning department with three automated vertical turning centers  was realized in 2015. This has allowed us to offer our customers the first phase of turning, drilling and threading for rings with an outside diameter ranging from 400 mm to 670 mm. since the beginning of 2016, too.

Turning department

Via dell'Industria, 4 - 21040 Morazzone (Varese)

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